Sunday, September 16, 2012

In the middle of the night.....

It's 4 am and I can't sleep.  I'll probably pay for it tomorrow, but for now, I got sick of tossing and turning.  If I was graceful about the tossing and turning, I would be fine, but I'm not and I swear I wake Jake up, every time I do it.  My hip hurts, but it's my own fault.  If I actually took my pain meds and did my physical therapy, it wouldn't hurt as bad.  However, I'm not comfortable taking too many pain meds.  I get that from my Grandma along with not doing physical therapy. (I'm suppose to help her with hers, but let's just say, we haven't done it since the begining of August)
I'm also NOT suppose to play volleyball, but since there are only 8 girls on the team, I kind of have to play back to them.
We've been at volleyball for a month now, and so far we've played in 4 games.  The first one was a tournament, so that doesn't really count, except to get the jitters out of the way.  I really do enjoy coaching volleyball, but I've had to learn to curb my competiveness because in a small school you take what you can get, and with so little students, there are other comminments that cause them to miss practice or even some games.  I try hard not to rip into them, but sometimes it slips.  For instance, I had 1 girl tell me she was going to miss a game because of a prior commitment that she said she would do months ago (I think) and then when I mentioned it too the team, that she was going to miss a game, another girl said she might miss it for the same reason, that's when I threw the fit......and told her No she can't miss it.  (I haven't heard from her parents yet, but it still might happen)
The kids are doing fine, Peyton likes school and is enjoying it, he has 11 people in his class grades 4-6, Kyrah also loves school, and is doing much better this year with her emotions (I swear last year it was like living with a teenager) and her work.  Jacen wanted to go to school the first day, but that ended on the 2nd day.  He's fine once he gets there, but the mornings are horrible and I have to threaten to send him in his pj's.  One day last week, he said to me "why do we have to go to school everyday, except Saturday and Sunday"  Kyrah and Jacen are in the same class with 9 kids grades 1-3.  Still I wouldn't move for the world, I love it here, and if anybody wants to move here we would gladly accept kids in the school.....hint hint.
Scheyer is also doing good and is enjoying his time alone with mom and dad.  With me working too, Jake is alone with him from 10 to 2, and I have him from 2 to 3:30 (he usually naps, so basically I'm not with him alone) but I don't work everyday.  At 3:30, Grandma Arleen watches him and the others while I'm at practice.  They are in school all day, and then go to grandmas house and don't get to their own house until 6.  Although Grandma does take them over alot of the days or to the playground. t This is the reason I don't coach basketball anymore because it makes it a very long year.  I still get to see the kids when I'm working at the school.  It's Jake I don't see a whole lot.
Well it's now 4:30, so I'm going to try to get some sleep.  We shall see, it's so smoky here that my allergies are crazy.  The good thing is it isn't affecting Peyton at all because he's not allergic to smoke (which is weird because his allergies affect his breathing).  He's allergic to grass, but there isn't much due to it being so dry, so he's fine.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's only been 2 1/2 months.....

Well it's July now, and I feel that summer has finally began.  School got on the 31st of May, but I basically had to work the whole month of June to get the kitchen in the school ready for next year.  Summer always feels short to me because even though school doesn't technically start until after Labor Day, volleyball starts the 13th of August, with our first game on the 26th (or whatever that saturday is).

The pool has finally opened, and it feels like our days are full.  For example, yesterday, Jake was at the Post Office, so the kids and I went with my mom to climb the "L" mountain.  This time they wanted to go up to the rock above the actual "L" (this killed my legs, plus I had to carry Scheyer up that part because it was too rocky, Mom carried him the rest of the time when he wanted to be carried.)  After the hike, I went to my Grandma's house and help her with her physical therapy (which I do everyday in the morning, and sometimes in the evening.)  I like it because it gives me a chance to talk to my grandparents. That day, my grandpa told me that I had to make sure I told Scheyer "No" and not let him always get what he wants. I told him I wasn't the problem, it's the older three kids, because they don't want to hear him scream. 
After the physical therapy, I went home, and Mom went to work.  The kids and I cleaned the house and did laundry.  They wanted to play video games after that, but I told them they could while Scheyer was napping.  We went to the free lunch at the school , and then swimming. we got home at 3 and Scheyer took his nap and the others played video games.  Jake came home at 4:30 but had to go hometeaching later so the kids and I (and Mom) layed bricks for our sidewalk, and took a bike ride to Big Grandma's (my grandma). 

So as you can see, a full day.  We also do workbooks that the teachers sent home for the summer.  Kyrah's is really hard, and Jacen's is really easy, so the don't finish at the same time.  Peyton reads a book while they are working on it.  They start summer classes on July 10th.  It's 2 hours a day, 2 days a week.

We also had a blast on the 4th of July.  We didn't light any fireworks because of the fire danger, but we watched the parade and played our own games.  We had relay races, water balloon baseball, filled a pool with soapy water and put coins in it and let the kids find them (of course that led to a water fight) then we launched water balloons across the railroad tracks.  We went through 0ver 100 balloons.

These pictures are when we climbed the "L" in June
 The kids before we left to climb the "L"
 The older kids, way ahead of us.  Peyton ended up coming back to us because he needed his inhaler, which of course, I forgot.  But he got through it.
 Scheyer lagging behind.  He changed hats as soon as he found one that matched Jacen's
 The kids sitting on the "L"
 Mom and I and Scheyer on the "L"
The view of Lima

Lately I have been spending my precious free time watching Hawaii Five-O (the newer version).  The problem is that I didn't start watching it until the 3rd to last episode of season 2.  I bought season 1 on DVD, and I'm trying to catch up on Season 2 through re-runs, the problem is that they don't show them in order.  So on September 18th, when Season 2 comes out, guess what I will be doing......

Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's only been 4 months (almost 5).  I can't say anything drastic has happened in those months.  I was stressed out for the first 3 months of it because of college basketball.  I really shouldn't watch it, because it gives me a headache but I just can't get enough. 
Over Conference weekend ALL of my kids were sick, so I didn't listen to it at all.  Kyrah, Jacen and Scheyer were all ok, and we found out that Jacen and Scheyer's are allergies.  Peyton ended up having Bronchitis (because of his asthma) and an ear infection.   He was out of school for a week, and he couldn't get up from the couch half the time, and passed out while taking a shower.
During that time, Pee Wee basketball had their game and only Kyrah got to play, but she did score a basket and Jake got it on tape.  After the Pee Wee basketball game, the football team had a fundraiser with a Donkey Basketball game, I switched with Jake and went to the game and he went home to the boys.  I watched 1 1/2 games, and it was quite comical, and I know that I would never want to do it.  However, while I was watching it, I noticed the allergies coming on.  It started   with the sneezing and the itchy eyes.  By the end of the first game, the itchiness started going to my throat.  I would have left right then, but Kyrah was across the gym, and I didn't want her to try to walk over with donkeys all over.  When I finally did leave, I had a hard time breathing.  I went home and took Benadryl and even borrowed Peyton's inhaler.
Well it's 11:12 pm and Scheyer is still wide awake and I have to work tomorrow, so I will be off!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

Peyton on Christmas Eve
Jacen on Christmas Eve
Kyrah on Christmas Eve
Scheyer on Christmas Eve
All the grandkids with Grandma
The Haws family
I'm too tired to write anymore, so enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Rory preaching. It was hilarious, I couldn't understand a word he was saying

We went to Bannack Montana, during Labor Day weekend. It's a nice little ghost town that is rumored to be haunted. Jake and I and the kids have been several times but this was Jenny's first time, along with Rory and Kamy. I think Dave has gone before, same with Mom and Dad.

Kamy and Scheyer in jail. I'm going to put the same caption I put on Facebook. "Is this the future for these 2"

Peyton, Kyrah, Jacen, and Grandma, with Dora, Spongebob, and Spiderman (who is hiding) in the Bannack Hotel

The Haws Family in front of an old truck

Going to school. Scheyer, Jacen, Kamy, Kyrah, Peyton and me of course

Scheyer and Kamy playing outside. Before this they were playing with water, and Scheyer was trying to drink straight out of the hose, and Kamy was pouring water on his head, but they stopped by the time I got the camera.

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July

We had a lot of fun this 4th of July weekend. Some of my cousins came down the weekend before and we had a dinner, and played our traditional batball game, in my grandma's yard. And then we lit fireworks that night too. (that was friday night).

Jake was actually gone on the 4th of july, he went to Illinois to be with his family. But the kids and I had fun. We collected candy at the parade, and had hot dogs at my mom's house. We didn't go swimming because everybody goes swimming on the 4th, so it's always crowded. Then the town had fireworks thatnight, and there was a really cool lightening storm going on in the background.

Jacen the "fireman" running back and forth
This was Jacen's "fireman" outfit. Since when does Darth Vader fight fires?

Peyton, Kyrah, Jacen, Scheyer, and their friend at the Indian writings up Little Sheep.

Me and the kids waiting for fireworks

Peyton with his ears plugged

waiting for the parade

Jake and Scheyer on the Friday Night Fireworks!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

They Won!

My brother Charlie's band "Break the Broken" Won. Thanks to all those who voted. This is a picture of them that I stole from their website. My sister-in-law, Natalie, is in the band too, but she's not pictured.

They open for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on Thursday, July 21 in Pocatello, ID. I want to go, but it's 2 hours away, and I have those kids, who can't go.